We teach computational biology, systems biology, comparative genomics and population genetics at DTC LSI and DTC Sysbio and MSc Bioinformatics, a 4th year course in the Department of Statistics and Comlab called 'Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.  Lectures, exercises, practicals and projects can be downloaded from the corresponding webpages where, in the Dept Statistics, we have taught: 

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

The Analysis of Biological Networks

Present Teaching 

2008 February Gulbenkian course plan

2009 February Gulbenkian course plan

2009 February AIMS (Stellenbosch) course plan

2009 June Iceland course plan

2009 August BiRC Masters course course plan

2010 May OIST, Japan

Furthermore, we are preparing a two week course course on Topics in Computational Biology.  This course is especially suited for people with a strong quantitative background (mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science...) who are considering going into combinational biology as the course gives an overview and is problem-oriented.

Earlier Teaching

Much of my teaching material was started when I taught at Birc for 10 years.  Eventually the two courses Evolutionary Bioinformatics and Structural Bioinformatics were very large, each 12 weeks with 8 hours each week. 

I also taught Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics for 10 years, when it was at NCSU with Jeff Thorne