Oxford Summer School in Computational Biology 2012





2012 was very exciting and dynamic.  36 students worked on 12 challenging projects for six weeks and made impressive progress.  The project formulations and outputs can be viewed below:

  Final Presentation Poster Report
Hummingbird   Link Link Link
RNA & StatAlign   Link Link Submitted
Dynamic Folding of RNA   Link Link   Submitted 
Inverse RNA Folding Algorithms II   Link   Link   Submitted  
Arabidopsis: Recombination   Link   Link   Link  
Arabidopsis: Regulatory Annotaton   Link   Link   Being written  
RNA Structure Prediction with SCFGs on alignment DAGs
Link   Link   Publ in prep 
Annotation of Human Genome   Link   Link   Link  
CNV and HMMs   Link   Link   Being written  
Conditional Path Sampling in Continuous Time Markov Chains
Link   Link   Link  
Parallel Speedup of MCMC   Link   Link   Link  
Co-evolution in proteins 
Link   Link   Link  


Not all material has been made available online since some papers are in press.  This amount of progress was only possible due to solid planning and focused work.