Reading projects

These projects are used to describe a topic and give some references so that a group of students can give a 40-90 minute presentation after 8-10 hours' work.  The projects have been used for courses given in Portugal, South Africa, Denmark, Oxford and Iceland


Identifiability of Biological Systems (Portugal, February 2008) pdf
Models of Grammar Evolution (Portugal, February 2008) pdf   
Evolution of Metabolic Networks (Portugal, February 2008) pdf
Integrative Genomics (Portugal, February 2009) pdf
Comparative Biology - Networks (Portugal, February 2009) pdf
Population Genomics (Portugal, February 2009) pdf ppt
Comparative Genomics-Signals (Portugal, February 2009) pdf ppt 
Somatic Cell Genealogies (South Africa, March 2009) pdf
Metabolomics (South Africa, March 2009) pdf ppt
Genomic Dark Matter (South Africa, March 2009) pdf
Last Universal Common Ancestor (South Africa, March 2009) pdf
Selective Sweeps (South Africa, March 2009)
RNA Gene Finding (Iceland, June 2009) pdf  
Influenza (Iceland, June 2009) pdf 
Proteomics (Iceland, June 2009) pdf 
Models for Origin of Life (Oxford, December 2009)
Multifunctional Proteins (Oxford, December 2009) 
Comparative Biology - Protein Structures (Oxford, December 2009) 
Comparative Protein Interaction Network (PIN) Annotation (Oxford 2010)
Stochastic Models of Networks (Oxford 2010)
Gene Regulatory Networks (GRN) Inference from Expression Data (Oxford 2010)
Inferring Pedigrees
Kinetics from Molecular Dynamics  
Algorithms for Predicting DNA Assembling Into a Given Shape      
Advanced Models of substitutions 
Mathematical Modeling of Marriage Dynamics
Computational Modeling of the Heart 
Agent based Population Modeling (Oxford 2010)
Alternative Splicing   
Computational Models of Origin of Life 
What is Integrative Genomics (IG)? 
Integration over Paths in Continuous Time Markov Chains  
Evolutionary Protein Structure Comparison 
Computational Approaches to Molecules, Reactions and Catalysts