Brian Ripley's NIPS95 Page

The links are to PostScript versions of the slides, formatted for US letter paper. They should be fine on A4.

Statistical Ideas for Selecting Network Architectures
Invited talk.

Statistical Ideas for Selecting Network Architectures
Published paper.

Topological Mapping and Multidimensional Scaling
Talk at `Topological Maps for Data Modelling' Workshop.

Multiple Imputation and Simulation Methods
Talk at `Missing Data: Methods and Models' Workshop. References

What can we learn from the study of the design of experiments?
Talk at `Benchmarking of NN Learning Algorithms' Workshop.

NIPS96 Tutorial

This comes in three parts, which are gzipped PostScript files formatted for US letter paper (but also printable on A4).
Cover sheets
Paper with references

In case of difficulty please download (shift-click in Netscape) rather than view these files: the intention is that where PostScript viewers exist the files should be un-gzipped and displayed.

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