Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS

Windows Software

This collection contains software and data associated with the book:
Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS
by W.N. Venables & B.D. Ripley, Springer, 1997.
ISBN 0 387 98214 0 or 3 540 98214 0. [Details]

The software is for the Second Edition; users of the First Edition should find only minor differences, plus additional material.

This collection is for S-PLUS for Windows: the Unix software is elsewhere.

VRlibc.exe [b ]
libraries for S-PLUS version 3.2, 3.3 and 4.x.(Current version: ) [b ]
archive of S-Plus code given in the text.

The software will not work under S-PLUS version 3.1 (which was superseded in 1994).

New: Menus and Dialog Boxes

VRlibc.exe now contains an experimental library MASSdia. If this is used in place of MASS and nnet with S-PLUS 4.x, it will add menu items and dialog boxes. Please use library(help=MASSdia) for further details.


To install and use the software

To install the Windows version of the library, open a DOS window and cd to the S-Plus library directory (usually C:\SPLUSWIN\LIBRARY (3.x) or C:\Program Files\splus4(5)\Library (4.0 or 4.5)). Execute VRlib?.exe from there: it will create subdirectories MASS CLASS NNET SPATIAL TREEFIX and HELPFIX. If you already have any of these present, please remember to delete or rename them first.

It is possible to extract just one or more of the libraries by, for example

	VRlibc.exe MASS/* TREEFIX/*

Users who are anxious about running imported executables can unpack the library with unzip or pkunzip (with the -d flag) or their favourite tool for handling DOS-style zip files. It is possible to extract just one or more of the libraries by, for example one of

        unzip VRlibc.exe MASS/* CLASS/* -d c:\spluswin\library
	pkunzip -d VRlibc.exe MASS/*.* CLASS/*.* c:\spluswin\library

NOTE: The .exe files in this archive are packaged using Info-ZIP's compression utility to read zip files. Info-ZIP's software (Zip, UnZip and related utilities) is free and can be obtained as source code or executables from various bulletin board services and Internet/WWW sites, including CompuServe's IBMPRO forum and

The libraries are made available via library commands such as

       library(MASS, first=T)
       library(treefix, first=T)
       library(helpfix, first=T)  # only needed for S-PLUS 3.3

Use one of

to unpack the scripts to the current directory. The file ch08 contains the code from Chapter 8, and so on. These files can be used to cut-and-paste from an editor (e.g. notepad) to the S-Plus command window.

Source code

If you want to see the source code, fetch the Unix distribution which contains all the sources. Unpack this with

       unzip -a
The Windows pre-compiled versions are compiled automatically by scripts from the Unix distribution.

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