Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS: Software

There are mirrors of this material at Oxford, StatLib (Pittsburgh) and Wisconsin.

This collection contains software and data associated with the book:
Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS
by W.N. Venables & B.D. Ripley, Springer, 1997.
ISBN 0 387 98214 0 or 3 540 98214 0. [Details]

The software currently here is from the Second Edition. If you have the the software from the First Edition we suggest that you retrieve the software afresh. Users of the First Edition should find only minor differences, plus additional material.

16 Jan 1998 Version 5.2. The main difference is that copyright issues are clarified.

20 Mar 1998 Version 5.3. This has rewritten nnet code, cross-validation methods for lda and qda, improvements to stepAIC and a corrected predict.glm function.

This archive currently contains:

Unix 3.x
Software for use with Unix versions of S-PLUS 3.x
Unix 5.x
Software for use with Unix versions of S-PLUS 5.x
Software for use with S-PLUS for Windows
Printouts of the help pages from the library sections
as gzip-ed tar of PostScript (120Kb), or zip file of Word (rtf) documents (73Kb)
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