Luke Kelly

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Biographical Sketch

Before coming to Oxford, I studied for my undergraduate degree in actuarial science at University College Dublin and a masters degree in mathematical statistics at the University of Cambridge. I completed my DPhil in Statistics in 2016 here in the department. My thesis, supervised by Geoff Nicholls, describes a novel method to infer phylogenetic trees in the presence of lateral trait transfer.

Research Interests

Computational Statistics, intractible models, phylogenetics.

About my research

I am working with Chris Holmes on interpretable probablilistic models for large-scale biomedical problems.

Selected Publications

L. J. Kelly and G. K. Nicholls, Lateral transfer in Stochastic Dollo models, arXiv:1601.07931, 2016.

L. J. Kelly, A Stochastic Dollo model for lateral transfer, PhD thesis, University of Oxford, 2016.

Research group