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Biographical Sketch
I graduated with a BA in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin and continued to complete a PhD in Statistics at the end of 2012 under the supervision of Simon Wilson, also at Trinity College Dublin.  Before entering research I was Founder and Technical Director of 6 Internet Limited, a server hosting and application development specialist.

Research interests
Computational statistics; intractable likelihood methods; computational issues in statistical genomics; MCMC; reliability theory; Phase-type models.

About my research
I am part of the EPSRC funded i-like project.  The objective is to further develop computational methodologies for tackling complex likelihood based inference problems, where calculation of the likelihood may be prohibitively slow, or it is simply impossible to evaluate.

In particular, my initial research is focused on Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) used in medical genomics which result in intractable inference when dependency is introduced between different genome sequences.  As part of this I have a particular interest in modern massively parallel computing architectures such as GPUs and the development of statistical methodology which is amenable to implementation in such environments.

Selected publications:
Aslett, L. J. M. (2012) ‘MCMC for Inference on Phase-type and Masked System Lifetime Models’, PhD thesis.
Aslett, L. J. M. and Wilson, S. P. (2011) ‘Markov chain Monte Carlo for Inference on Phase-type Models’, ISI 2011 proceedings.
Aslett, L. J. M. and Wilson, S. P. (2009) ‘Modelling and Inference for Networks with Repairable Redundant Subsystems’, SMRLO’10 proceedings.
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