Professor Tom Snijders

Tom SnijdersProfessor Tom A.B. Snijders
Professor of Methodology and Statistics, University of Groningen
Emeritus Fellow of Nuffield College

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Research interests: Methodology for social network analysis (including development of new procedures, making them available through software, and contributing to their application); multilevel analysis; and statistical modelling in the social sciences in general.

My professional interest focuses on applied statistics for the social and behavioural sciences; and mathematical modelling in the social sciences. More specific domains of interest are social network analysis, multi-level research, item response theory, and mathematical sociology; and the development of data analysis methods that reflect as much as possible the theoretical insights into the phenomenon under study. My main work in recent years has been about the development of statistical methods for network dynamics and also for cross-sectionally observed networks, which has led to the computer programme SIENA which is available as freeware.

Selected publications:
- Steglich, C.E.G., Snijders, T.A.B., Pearson, M. (2010). Dynamic networks and behavior: separating selection from influence. Pp. 329-392 in Sociological Methodology (2010), edited by T. Liao. Boston and London: Basil Blackwell:
- Tom A.B. Snijders, Philippa E. Pattison, Garry L. Robins, and Mark S. Handcock. New specifications for exponential random graph models, Sociological Methodology (2006).
- Snijders, Tom A.B, The Statistical Evaluation of Social Network Dynamics.
Pp. 361-395 in Sociological Methodology (2001), edited by M.E. Sobel and M.P. Becker. Boston and London: Basil Blackwell.
- Nowicki, Krzysztof, and Snijders, Tom A.B, Estimation and prediction for stochastic blockstructures. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 96 (2001), 1077-1087.
- A. Boomsma, M.A.J. van Duijn, and T.A.B. Snijders (eds.), Essays on Item Response Theory. Lecture Notes in Statistics, 157. New York: Springer, 2001.
- Snijders, Tom A.B., and Bosker, Roel J. Multilevel Analysis: An Introduction to Basic and Advanced Multilevel Modeling. London etc.: Sage Publishers, 1999

Biographical Sketch
Tom A.B. Snijders (1949) received his PhD in mathematical statistics at the University of Groningen in 1979. Starting 1989 he was professor of mathematical sociology at the University of Utrecht, from 1991 professor of stochastic models in the social sciences at the University of Groningen. He now is professor of statistics in the social sciences at the University of Oxford and a fellow of Nuffield College; and also professor of statistics and methodology at the University of Groningen. He received an honorary doctorate in the social sciences from the University of Stockholm, 2005. He has been associate editor of various journals, and now is associate editor of Annals of Applied Statistics and of Social Networks.

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