Dr Mary Lunn

Mary Lunn

Emeritus Fellow at St. Hugh's College

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+44 (0)1865 274934 (Direct)
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Research interests:
Microbial diversity, neutral community model, local communities, longitudinal analyses, cognitive data; micro-economic models.

Selected publications:
Lunn M,  Sloan W T, Curtis T P, (2004). ‘Estimating bacterial diversity from clone libraries with flat rank abundance’, Environmental Microbiology, 6, 1081-1085.
Rabbitt P, Lunn M, Wong D, (2005), ‘Neglect of drop-out underestimates the effects of death in longitudinal studies’, Journal Gerontology B Psychology Sci. Soc. Sci. 60, 106-109 .
Woodcock, S., Curtis, T.P., Lunn, M., Head, I.M. and Sloan W.T. (2006). Taxa-area relationships for microbes – the unsampled and the unseen. Ecology Letters. 9:805-812
Arasan, J. and Lunn, M. (2008) Survival Model of a Parallel System with Dependent Failures and Time Varying Covariates. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference. 139, 944-951
Rabbitt, P; Ibrahim, S; Lunn, M; Scott, M; Thacker, N; Hutchinson, C; Horan, M; Pendleton, N; Jackson, A, (2008) Age-associated losses of brain volume predict longitudinal cognitive declines over 8 to 20 years. Neuropsychology, 22: 3-9
Ofiteru, I D, Lunn M et al (2010). Combined niche and neutral effects in microbial wastewater treatment community. PNAS, 107(35) 15345-15350

Biographical Sketch:
Emeritus Fellow of St Hugh’s College. Has visited regularly in Australia, having been a Visiting Fellow in Macquarie University (Autumn 2001).
Was a member of the University Liaison Committee of the Institute of Actuaries until recently.
Now collaborating with colleagues in Oxford, Newcastle and Glasgow in research projects.

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