Professor John Gittins

John Gittins

Emeritus Fellow Keble College

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Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3TG

Research Interests:
Applied probability, decision analysis, dynamic allocation indices, operational research, pharmaceutical research, research management, resource allocation, stochastic optimisation, stochastic scheduling.

Selected publications:
- Multi-Armed Bandit Allocation Indices. Wiley (1989)
- Statistical Methods for Pharmaceutical Research Planning.  Decker (1985) (with Bergman, S.W.)
- How Large Should a Clinical Trial Be? The Statistician (2000), Vol 49, part 2, pp 177-187 (with H. Pezeshk)
- Bounds on the Performance of a Greedy Algorithm for Probabilities. Maths of OR, 26 (2001), 313-323 (with G. Harper)
- Stochastic Models for the Planning of Pharmaceutical Research,  Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications (2003), Vol 2, no 2, pp 198-214.

Biographical Sketch:
Research Officer (Operational Research) Steel Company of Wales, Ltd., Port Talbot.
1967-74   Assistant Director of Research (Management Studies), Department of Engineering, Cambridge University.
1974-05    University Lecturer in Statistics (six years as Head of Department), Oxford.
1974-05   Senior Mathematics Tutor at Keble College

  Rollo Davidson Prize. (Awarded annually for distinguished work in probability theory.)
1984   Guy Medal in Silver of the Royal Statistical Society
1992   DSc, Oxford
1996   Awarded title of Professor of Statistics, by Oxford University

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