Work Address: Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7BN
Tel: (44) 1865 287677 
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University of Queensland: Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Mathematics  (1976-1979)
University of Oxford:  D.Phil in Mathematics  (1980-1983), Balliol College 


2007-current Director, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford

1996-current Professor of Statistical Science, University of Oxford
Head of the Department of Statistics 1996-2001

1994-1996  Professor, Department of Statistics and Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago

1988-1994  Professor of Mathematical Statistics and Operational Research, Queen Mary and  Westfield College, University of London

1985-1988  Lecturer, Department of Statistical Science, University College London

1984-1985   University of Wales Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics and Computer  Science, University College of Swansea

1983-1984  Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Michigan

1980  University Medal, University of Queensland
1980-1983  Rhodes Scholarship
1984-1985  University of Wales Research Fellowship
1988 Elected Ordinary Member of the International Statistical Institute
1990  Special Invited Lecture, Institute of Mathematical Statistics
1990-1995  SERC Advanced Fellowship
1995  Elected Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
1999  Elected Honorary Fellow, Institute of Actuaries
2000  Bernoulli Lecturer, 5th World Congress of the Bernoulli Society
2001 Forum Lecturer, European Meeting of Statisticians
2002 Editor’s Invited Paper, Statistical Society of Australia
2002 Mitchell Prize, of the American Statistical Association and ISBA
2004 Guy Medal in Silver, Royal Statistical Society
2006 Elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society
2007 Medallion Lecturer, Institute of Mathematical Statistics.
2007 The main paper from the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium, which I chaired, won several awards, including The Lancet's Paper of the Year, Scientific American's Research Leader of the Year, Amadeus Prize, and one of Nature's Editor's Picks for 2007.
2008 Elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences
2009 Awarded the Weldon Memorial Prize

Research Students: 
Paul Marjoram1986-1989  Parminder Saggu 1988-1991  Adrian Roe 1988-1991
Eliane Rodrigues 1989-1992  Hilde Herbots 1990-1994  Anna Pluzhnikov 1994-1996
Erich Maritz 1997-2002 Paula Curnow  1998-2002 George Nicholson  1998-2002
Stephen Leslie 2003-2008 Yik Yik Teo 2003-2007 Damjan Vukcevic 2005- 2008
Eliana Hechter 2006- 2011 Julian Maller 2007 -  Manuel Rivas 2010-
Edouard Hatton 2011- Hilary Martin 2011- Davis McCarthy 2011-

Postdoctoral Research Assistants and Research Fellows:
Paul Marjoram 1989-1992;  Mark Pagel 1991-1994;  Mark Beaumont 1991-1992; Diana Pallant 1992-1994;   Matthew Stephens 1997-2000;   Rory Bowden  1997-2002, 2005-  Jonathan Pritchard  1998-2001; Paul Fearnhead  1998-2001; Carsten Wiuf  1998-2001; Vincent Macaulay 1999-2003; Molly Prezworski  2000-2002; Carlos Bustamante 2001-2002; Jonathan Marchini 2001-2005     Simon Myers 2002-2005     Daniel Falush  2003-2007; Colin Freeman 2004-      Leonardo Bottolo 2004-2006; Susana Eyheramendy 2004-2006; Raphaelle Chaix 2004-2007;  George Nicholson  2005-2008;  Ingileif Halgrimsdottir 2005-2008;  Chris Spencer 2006-2011;  Dan Davison 2006-2010;  Tanya Golubchik 2007-2009; Amy Strange 2008 -       Damjan Vukcevic 2008-2010;  Jake Byrnes 2008–2010;  Richard Pearson 2008– 2010; Celine Bellenguez 2008- 2011;  Gavin Band 2008-2011;  Zhan Su 2008-2011;  Matti Pirinen 2009 -      Peter Humburg 2009-2012;  Garrett Hellenthal 2009-   Eleni Giannoulatou 2009-2011


International HapMap Project: Co-Chair, Analysis Group; Member, Steering Committee (2002-2005)

UK Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium, Chairman (2005- )
UK Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2, Chairman (2008 - )

GAIN, Steering Committee, and Chairman, Analysis Methodology Group (2006-2008)
1,000 Genomes Project, Steering Committee: 2007-

Wellcome Trust:  Chairman, Study Design Expert Group (2004-2008)
Population and Public Health Strategy Committee (2005-2008)
Chairman, Biomedical  Resources Panel  (2003-2004)
Biomedical Collections Panel  (2000-2002)
Tropical Medicine Interest Group (1997-2000)
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation/Wellcome Trust Joint Panel: Chairman, 2000
EPSRC:  Mathematics College (1996-1998), DTA Panel (2003)
NERC:   Environmental Genomics Data Panel (2001-)
Royal Society: Sectional Committee 9 (2007-2010)
Member of Council, Institute for Mathematical Statistics (1999-2002); IMS Committee on Fellows (1998-2001)

Associate Editorships: Advances in Applied Probability (1990- ), Biometrika (1992-1996), Journal of Applied Probability (1990- ).  Book review editor, Annals of Probability (1991-1994).


Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), deCODE Genetics (1996-2003), 
SAB Member: Genizon Biosciences (2004-6 ), InforSense (2004- ).

Consultancy advice to lawyers (in the UK, USA, and Canada) on statistical issues which arise in legal cases; expert witness in trials and several appeal cases.


Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award: Statistical methods development and analysis of genomic data in health and disease. £3,127,399 for 84 months. Start date tbc.

Wellcome Trust: Core Award for The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. £11M, 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2016 (PI)

Wellcome Trust: Next-Generation Disease Association Analyses: Low pass Sequencing and High Density SNP genotyping for type 2 diabetes.  £2,438,325, 01/12/09 for 30 months (co-applicant). PI Prof Mark McCarthy.

Medical Research Council (MRC): Strategic Grant: Oxford Regional High-Throughput Sequencing Hub. £2,284,484, 01/10/2009-30/09/2012 (PI)

Wellcome Trust: Genetics of the People of the British Isles. £176,140 12/07/2009-11/07/2014 (co-applicant: funds relate to spend in my group). PI Prof Sir Walter Bodmer.

Wellcome Trust: A genome-wide association study in childhood kidney cancer (Wilms tumour). £716,043, 01/06/09 – 31/12/2010 (co-applicant) . PI Prof Nazneen Rahman

Wellcome Trust. 1000 Genomes Project Data Analysis £398,273,  01/01/2009 – 31/12/2011 (co-applicant). PI Prof Gil McVean.

Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2, Core Award: £16M,  01/08/2008 – 31/08/2012 (Chairman of the Consortium; funds awarded directly to PD: £8M)

Wellcome Trust: Strategic Award for The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. £2,020,414, 01/02/2008-01/04/2011 (PI)

UKCRC MRC/Wellcome Trust. Modernising medical microbiology: Establishing how new technologies can be optimally integrated into microbiology research and service. £5,551,902 split MRC £2,722,764/Wellcome Trust £2,829,138.  2008 for 5 years (co-applicant). PI Prof Derrick Crook.

Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium +. Follow on grant £7.7m  01/09/2007 - 31/12/2010 (Chairman of the Consortium; funds awarded directly to PD: £490K)

Wellcome Trust, Strategic Award. £1,350,000. 01/01/2008-01/01/2010 (PI)

NIH: GAIN – Analysis Methodology Group £14,957, 24/07/2007-23/07/2008 (PI)

Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award: £127,500, 01/04/2007-31/03/2012 (PI)

NIH: ENDGAME Statistical methods for genome-wide association studies £200,507, 01/06/2006-31/05/2009  (PI)

Wellcome Trust: Pneumococcal based vaccine escape: Genome wide characterization of recombinants arriving after vaccine from implementation. £272,904,  01/10/2006 – 30/09/2009 (Co-applicant; funds relate to work in the Donnelly group). PI Prof Derrick Crook.

Nuffield Foundation:  Student research bursary (Helene Neufeld) £1,310, 17/07/2006-16/09/2006

Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium - Design and Implementation of large scale genetics association studies of common diseases; £188,860   01/09/2005 -  30/04/2009 (Chairman of the Consortium; funds relate just to work in my group.)

European Commission  MolPage: Molecular Phaenotyping to Accelerate Genomic Epidemiology  £375,000, 01/10/2004 -30/09/2008

MRC: Developing Statistical Methods to meet the demands of Experimental Geonomics  £73,495, 01/04/2004- 31/03/2007

NIH: HapMap Data Analysis £515,543, 01/11/2003-31/08/2006

TSC/SNP Consortium:  Participation in the development and construction of human Haplotype maps - £29,412, 01/04/2003 -31/12/2006

Nuffield Trust: Research Fellowship in Medical Mathematics - £142,190, 21/02/2002-20/10/2005.  (Key prior award.)

EPSRC – Bioinformatics Centre Bid £1,168,083,  01/09/2001-06/06/2007 
Wellcome Trust Grant 076113: “Design and implementation of large-scale genetic association studies of common diseases” (co-PI, with 25 others, and Chairman of the Management Committee) start 1.5.05, £8.6M

EU, 6th Framework:  “Molecular Phenotyping to Accelerate Genomic Epidemiology”, (EU wide collaboration) start 1.10.04, Donnelly group award, €600,000
Wellcome Trust Grant 072974: “A UK control population: combined genetic analysis of a rurally based sample and the 1958 birth cohort” (co-PI, with Walter Bodmer and Lon Cardon), start 1.7.04, £2.3M

NIH: “HapMap Data Analysis” (PI, with Gil McVean and Lon Cardon), start 1.9.03, $860K

Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship: “Statistical analysis of bacterial variation”, start date 1.08.03, £341K, for Dr D. Falush

The SNP Consortium: “Statistical Tools for Haplotype Analysis” (PI, with Gil McVean, Robert Griffiths and Jotun Hein), start 1.12.02, $50K
Wolfson Foundation: secondary equipment for the Oxford Centre for Gene Function (co-PI with K. E. Davies, C. Ellory and F. M. Ashcroft) 2002, £1.7M

Nuffield Trust Research Fellowship in Medical Mathematics, start 1.10.02  £142K

Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship: “Data Mining Large Genetic Datasets”.  Start date 01.02.02. £118K, for Dr. J. Marchini

UK Joint Research Councils' Initiative on Bioinformatics:  “University of Oxford Bioinformatics Unit” £1.2M

UK Joint Infrastructure Fund (JIF) Grant:  “The Oxford Centre for Gene Function.”  (co-PI with F.M. Ashcroft and K.E. Davies)  £10M

Wellcome Trust Junior Research Fellowship: “Novel statistical methods for understanding biodiversity in pathogens and their vectors”.  Start date 01.10.99. £105K, for Dr. M. Stephens

Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship: “Foundational issues in the use of mtDNA for demographic inference” Start date 01.10.99, £160K, for Dr. V. Macaulay

EPSRC Grant: GR/M14197:    “Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Models and Inference for Population Genetics.”  (PI, with A.M. Etheridge and C.N. Laws)  £122K. Start date 1.10.98

BBSRC Grant   43/MMI09788:   “Coalescent-Based Estimation of Demographic Parameters, Selection, and Genealogical Structure in Multilocus Genetic Data Sets.” (PI, with. D. Goldstein)  £132K. Start date 1.9.98

Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship: “Molecular Diversity of HSV-1 and Human Evolution” 1997 – 2001, £145K, for Dr. R. Bowden

NATO Advanced Study Institute:  “Genes, Fossils, and Behaviour: An Integrated Approach to Human Evolution”.  BF 3,000,000
National Science Foundation USA, Grant DMS 9505129: “Stochastic Models in Population Genetics”. $75K.  Start Date 1.7.95
University of Chicago, Louis H. Block Foundation Grant: “Stochastic Modelling in Genetics”. $32,956.  Start Date 1.7.94

SERC: Advanced Fellowship, 1990-1995
SERC Grant GR/H 22880: “Theoretical and Computational Investigation of Certain Stochastic Models”. £8K.  Start date 11.11.92

SERC Grant GR/F 98727: “Probabilistic Modelling and Statistical Analysis of DNA Sequences”. (With D.J. Balding)  £81K.  Start date 1.1.91

SERC Grant GR/F 11101: “The Effects of Population Structure on Correlations between Loci and Alleles at the Molecular Level”. (co-PI, with R. Nichols) £65K.  Start date 1.1.91

SERC Grant GR/G 27485:  “Genealogical Structure of the Fleming-Viot Measure-Valued Diffusion”.  £5K.  Start date 1.6.90. Visiting Fellowship for Professor T.G.  Kurtz
SERC Grant GR/F 94019: “Stochastic Models for Multigene Families”. £18K.  Start date 1.2.90. Visiting Fellowship for Dr. G.A. Watterson

EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre at the Life Sciences Interface (co-PI, with J. Ryan, M. Brady and D. Gavaghan) £5M over 2002-2010

EPSRC Masters Training Package in Bioinformatics (co-PI, with M. Gray) £450K 2002-2006


• Session on Genome-wide Association Studies and their Follow-Up, ASHG, Philadelphia, 2008.
• Session on Genetics of Complex Traits, Biology of Genomes Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, 2007.
• Keystone Meeting on Human Genetics, Big Sky, Montana, 2006
• Genomic Studies and the HapMap, Oxford 2005
• Session Organiser (Statistics in Population Genetics and Evolution), Annual Meeting IMS, Banff 2002
• Minisymposium on “Mathematics in Modern Genetics”, Third European Congress of Mathematics, Barcelona, 2000


2011: 3rd London Genetics Pharmocogenetics Conference
Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry’s William Harvey Day Sir Anthony Dawson Lecture (Evolution and recombination hotspots)
12th International Congress of Human Genetics, Montreal, CANADA 
2010: Royal Statistical Society Annual Conference, Brighton, UK
Genetics in Medicine, Nobel Symposia, Sweden
5th Annual Canadian Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics Meeting, Toronto, Canada

2008:  Keystone Symposia C4 2008, Santa Fe, USA
Genomics of Common Diseases, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA
XX International Congress of Genetics, Berlin, Germany
American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) annual meeting, Toronto, Canada
ASHG 58th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA
2007: GeneMappers Conference, Brisbane, Australia
Joint Statistical Meetings, Salt Lake City, USA
Genomics of Common Disease, Hinxton, UK
2006: GAIN Kick-Off Meeting, Washington, USA
Genome-wide Association Studies: Design and Analysis, New Haven, USA
Austrian Society of Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Chemistry, Salzburg, Austria International Congress of Mathematicians, Barcelona, Spain
Keystone Meeting on Human Genetics, Big Sky, Montana, USA
Genetic Analysis: Model Organisms to Human Biology, San Diego, USA
2005: Copy Number Variation Workshop, Hinxton, UK
8th International SNP Meeting, Leicester, UK
Gordon Research Conference, Human Genetics and Genomics, Newport, Rhode Island
Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Bormio, Italy
2004: Takeda Science Foundation Symposium, Tokyo, Japan
Keystone Meeting on Human Genetics, Breckenridge, Colorado.
RECOMB Satellite meeting on Haplotypes, Pittsburgh
2003: Gordon Research Conference, Human Genetics and Genomics, Waterville, Maine
2002: DIMACS workshop on Computational Methods for SNPs and Haplotype Inference, Rutgers, New Jersey
5th International SNP Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland
Opening Lecture 16th Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Australia, Canberra
5th International Conference on Forensic Statistics, Venice, Italy
2001: Forum Lectures, 23rd European Meeting of Statisticians, Funchal, Madeira
2000: Bernoulli Lecture, 5th World Congress of the Bernoulli Society, 63rd Annual Meeting of the IMS,   Guanajuato, Mexico
1999:   Forensic Human Identification in the Millennium, London.
Mathematical Problems Arising from Biology, NATO ASI, Toronto
Inherited Disorders and their Genes in Different European Populations, III, Obernai, France