Professor Charlotte Deane

Professor of Structural Bioinformatics, Head of Department

Fellow of St Anne's College

+44 (0)1865 272860 (Department)
+44 (0)1865 281301 (Direct)
deane at

Research interests

Protein structure
Biological Networks
Small Molecules

Research in the Oxford protein informatics group covers several areas in protein structure and interaction networks, combining both theoretical with and empirical analysis. Please see the Oxford protein informatics group's webpages for more details.

Selected publications

  • Edwards, H., Deane, C. M., (2015), Structural bridges through fold space, PLoS Comput Biol, 11 (9), e1004466.
  • Krawczyk, K., Liu, X., Baker, T., Shi, J., Deane C. M., (2014), Improving B-cell prediction and its application to global antibody-antigen docking, Bioinformatics, 30 (16), PP. 2288-2294.
  • Dunbar, J., Krawczyk, K., Leem, J., Baker, T., Fuchs, A., Georges, G., Shi, J., Deane, C. M., (2014), SAbDab: the structural antibody database, Nucleic acids research, 42 (D1), D1140-D1146.
  • Lewis A. C. F., Jones, N. S., Porter, M. A., Deane, C. M., (2012), What evidence is there for the homology of protein-protein interactions?, PLoS Comput Biol, 8 (9), e1002645.
  • Ebejer, J. P., Morris, G. M., Deane, C. M., (2012), Freely available conformer generation methods: how good are they?, Journal of chemical information and modeling, 52 (5), pp. 1146-1158.
  • Kelm, S., Shi, J., Deane C. M., (2010), MEDELLER: homology-based coordinate generation for membrane proteins, Bioinformatics, 26 (22), pp. 2833-2840.
  • Saunders, R. and Deane, C. M., (2010) Synonymous codon usuage influences the local protein structure observed, Nucleic Acids Research, 38 (19), pp. 6719-6728.

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