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May 2016
  • 18 May 16
    Speaker: Professor Andrew Gelman, Department of Statistics and Department of Political Science, Columbia University, New York Title: The Statistical Crisis in Science Abstract: Top journals in psychology routinely publish ridiculous, scientifically implausible claims, justified based on “p < 0.05.” And this in turn calls into question all sorts of more plausible, but not necessarily true, claims, that are supported by th...
April 2016
  • 29 Apr 16
    Speaker: Professor Sayan Mukherjee, Department of Statistical Science, Duke University Title: Stochastic topology and inference Abstract: We will discuss three examples where stochastic topology is relevant to statistical inference or probability theory. Modeling surfaces: Given morphological data in the form of meshes we introduce two related statistical summaries, the Euler Characteristic Transform and the Persistent H...
  • 21 Apr 16
    The Ninth Lecture Speaker: Professor Dame Janet Thornton, European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge Title: Bioinformatics at the heart of biology and genomic medicine   Bioinformatics ...
  • 09 Apr - 10 Apr 16
    On the occasion of the retirement of Colin McDiarmid, a two-day workshop at Corpus Christi College of the University of Oxford was held on the 9th and 10th of April 2016. Programme: The event spanned Colin McDiarmid’s research areas including probabilistic combinatorics, combinatorial optimisation, and graph colouring. Click here for programme information. ...
April 2015
  • 16 Apr 15
    The Eighth Lecture (Relaunch of Florence Nightingale Lectures) Speaker: Professor Christl Donnelly, Imperial College, London Title: An epidemiologist’s life on the edge (of the science-policy interface) As part of the London Mathematical Society’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, we are relaunching the Florence Nightingale lecture on 16th April 2015 at 5pm in the Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. ...