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June 2017
  • 16 Jun 17
    Speaker: Professor Peter Hoff, Department of Statistics, Duke University Title: Adaptive FAB confidence intervals with constant coverage Abstract: Confidence intervals for the means of multiple normal populations are often based on a hierarchical normal model. While commonly used interval procedures based on such a model have the nominal coverage rate on average across a population of groups, their actual coverage rate for a ...
  • 09 Jun 17
    Speaker: David Swafford, Senior Research Scientist, Biological Sciences, Duke University Title: Generality and Robustness of the SVDQuartets Method for Phylogenetic Species Tree Estimation Abstract: Methods for inferring evolutionary trees based on phylogenetic invariants were first proposed nearly three decades ago, but have been virtually ignored by biologists. A new invariants-based method for estimating species trees unde...
  • 01 Jun 17
    Speaker: Jotun Hein, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford Title: Combinatorics of Recombination
May 2017
  • 25 May 17
    Speaker: Julien Berestycki, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford Title: An introduction to branching random walk models
  • 25 May 17
    The Department of Statistics held and for students to help them learn more about the exciting field of Machine Learning. The day included talks and speed tables. Please see here for more details.
  • 22 May 17
    Speaker: Mikolaj Kasprzak, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford Title: Diffusion approximations via Stein’s method and time changes Abstract: We extend the ideas of (Barbour, 1990) and use Stein’s method to obtain a bound on the distance between a scaled time-changed random walk and a time-changed Brownian Motion. We then apply this result to bound the distance between a time-changed compensated scaled Poi...
  • 15 May 17
    Speaker: Matthias Winkel, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford Title: Gromov-Hausdorff-Prokhorov convergence of vertex cut-trees of n-leaf Galton-Watson trees Abstract: In this paper we study the vertex cut-trees of Galton-Watson trees conditioned to have n leaves. This notion is a slight variation of Dieuleveut’s vertex cut-tree of Galton-Watson trees conditioned to have n vertices. Our main result is a joint G...
  • 11 May 17
    Speaker: Arnaud Doucet, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford Title: What’s new in Monte Carlo
  • 08 May 17
    Speaker: Jeffrey Rosenthal, University of Toronto Title: Conditions for Convergence of Adaptive MCMC Algorithms Abstract: Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms, such as the Metropolis Algorithm and the Gibbs Sampler, are an extremely popular method of approximately sampling from complicated probability distributions. Adaptive MCMC attempts to automatically modify the algorithm while it runs, to improve its performance on t...
  • 04 May 17
    Speaker: Patrick Rubin-Delanchy, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford Title: Big Network Modeling and Anomaly Detection for Cyber-Security Applications Abstract: Data arising in cyber-security applications often have a network, or `graph-like’, structure, and accurate statistical modelling of connectivity behaviour has important implications, for instance, for network intrusion detection. We present a linear a...