The Network

Research students

The Network is a meeting of the DPhils, Postdocs, and Departmental Lecturers in the Department of Statistics with the idea being to see what other people are up to, exchange ideas, foster collaborations, try out material, gripe about thesis writing etc. The talks are all informal, chalk and talk presentations and we will also be including talks from the Oxford Learning Institute as well as more senior academic colleagues where they will be sharing their pearls of wisdom for what a career in research is really like.

Week 1

Friday 29th April – Louis Aslett

Week 2
Friday 6th May – Jinwoo Leem

Week 3
Friday 13th May – Peter McCullagh

Week 4
Friday 20th May – Oxford Learning Institute

Week 5
Friday 27th May – Mitch Gooding

Week 6
Friday 3rd June – Patrick Rubin-Delanchy

Week 7
Friday 10th June – Michael Salter-Townsend