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February 2018
  • 08 Feb 18

    Speaker:   Marco Scutari, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford

    Date:          Thursday 8th February, 3.30 pm, Small Lecture Theatre, Department of Statistics

    Title:           What is new in R?

    Abstract:  The capabilities of R have evolved considerably since its first public releases in the 1990s, with each major version bringing in new functionality. In this lecture I w...

  • 05 Feb 18

    Speaker:   Robin Stephenson, University of Oxford

    Date:          Monday 5th February, 12 noon, The Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, L5

    Title:           Convergence of bivariate Markov chains to multi-type self-similar processes, and scaling limits of recursively growing trees.

    Abstract:  We investigate the scaling limits of sequences of random trees obtained by recu...

  • 01 Feb 18

    Speaker: Jotun Hein, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford

    Date:        Thursday 1st February, 3.30 pm, Small lecture theatre, Department of Statistics

    Title:        Statistical Alignment with Long Insertion-Deletions for 2 and More Sequences

January 2018
  • 23 Jan 18

    Speaker:  Yingying Fan, University of Southern California, USA

    Date:         Tuesday 23rd January 2018, 3.30 pm, Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Statistics

    Title:         RANK: Large-Scale Inference with Graphical Nonlinear Knockoffs

    Abstract: Power and reproducibility are key to enabling refined scientific discoveries in contemporary big data applications with general high-dimen...

  • 22 Jan 18

    Speaker:  Eleonora Kreacic, University of Oxford

    Date:         Monday 22nd January 2018, The Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, L5

    Title:         The spread of fire on a random multigraph

    Abstract: We study a model for the destruction of a random network by fire. Suppose that we are given a multigraph of minimum degree at least 2 having real-valued edge-lengths. We pick a un...

  • 19 Jan - 07 Mar 18

    Hilary Term 2018 Programme:

    The Network is run weekly throughout term time for postdocs working at the Department of Statistics.


    Week 1 Friday 19th January, 5.30 pm

  • 18 Jan 18

    Speaker:  Mareli Grady, Department of Statistics

    Date:         Thursday 18th January, 3.30 pm, Small lecture theatre, Department of Statistics

    Title:         Hands-On Statistics: Getting started in Outreach and Public Engagement

    Abstract:  The benefits of engaging in outreach and public engagement are numerous and the impacts important. In this talk we will explore the opportunities ...

  • 15 Jan 18

    Speaker:   Minmin Wang, University of Bath

    Title:          Scaling limits of critical inhomogeneous random graphs

    Abstract: Branching processes are known to be useful tools in studying random graphs, for instance in understanding the phase transition phenomenon in the asymptotics sizes of their connected components. In this talk, I’d like to discuss some appli...

December 2017
  • 08 Dec - 11 Dec 17

    It All Adds Up is an annual Maths conference for girls hosted by the Mathematical Institute and the Department of Statistics. There are three days: two for girls in Years 9-11 on 8th and 9th January, and one for for girls in Year 12-13 on 11th January. More details on the event webpage:

November 2017