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Non-academic Careers Panel

01 Jan 70
Dirk Bester, Barclays Investment Bank

Dirk completed his PhD in 2015 with funding from the Rhodes Scholarship, under supervision of David Steinsaltz. After that he spent time with Sciemus Ltd., leading the technical team pricing insurance on rockets, satellites, and power plants.

He is currently a behavioural modeller at Barclays, estimating the risk of market behaviour to the assets and liabilities of the bank.

  Robert Cuffe, Head of Statistics, BBC News

Robert is the head of statistics at BBC News. Before that, he worked on trials of drugs for HIV in the pharmaceutical industry: at GSK and as head of statistics at ViiV Healthcare. He is a statistical ambassador for the RSS and was chairman of the UK pharmaceutical statisticians’ industry body PSI, where he worked with the Science Media Centre to set up a statistical briefing service for the lay science press.

He studied at Oxford from 2001-5, first for the MSc in Applied Statistics and then his DPhil, taken while working as a research associate in the Radcliffe Infirmary.

  Denise Xifara, Senior Associate at GMG Ventures

Denise is a Senior Associate at GMG Ventures, investing in start-ups that are impacting the rapidly evolving digital media ecosystem. Previously, Denise worked as a data scientist for several start-ups and has taught code, blockchain and other technology topics to corporates for over 3 years. Denise has a PhD in statistical genetics and MMath from Oxford University, and she currently lectures data journalism in City University and is a non-executive director of a news start-up she co-founded, Nupinion.