Non-academic Panel

Zubin Siganporia, Managing Director of Q.E.D. Analytics

Zubin Siganporia is a mathematician by training and is the founder and Managing Director of Q.E.D. Analytics, which is a problem-solving consultancy that makes extensive use of mathematical modelling and related technical analysis.

Zubin has been involved in a wide range of industries. Some of his recent projects include acting as a research associate for the Treasury-sponsored report "The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets" (investigating high-frequency market-making strategies and financial circuit breakers), demonstrating the latest advances in homomorphic encryption to Thales Group (a leading provider to the security industry), acting as an expert witness in a legal case between two hedge funds, designing real-time strategy algorithms for two leading sports teams and developing a quantitative training system for one of the most successful G.B. Olympic squads.

Aside from his work in consultancy, Zubin has been a visiting researcher at the Oxford Centre of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2011-2015) and is currently a Visiting Fellow in the Mathematical Institute. He teaches pure mathematics at St Catherine's college and recently received the overall prize for the most outstanding tutor in Mathematical, Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences in the 2016 Oxford University Student Union Teaching Awards.

Zubin Siganporia

Liz Hanbury, Fir Vale School

Liz completed her DPhil at Oxford in 2007, supervised by Ulrike Tillmann. She then spent one year as a post-doc at the National University of Singapore and three years at Durham University, first working as a post-doc and then as a temporary lecturer.

In 2012 she did a PGCE at Sheffield University and for the last three years has been working as a secondary maths teacher in the north of Sheffield. Her school is in a challenging context with many students from disadvantaged backgrounds and very few students speaking English as a first language.

Liz Hanbury

Gbenga Kazeem, Consultant Statistician

Gbenga Kazeem is a Statistical Scientist by training and works with pharmaceutical and allied companies. He is the  founder and Managing Director of BENKAZ Consulting Limited, a statistical consultancy firm based in Cambridge which provides statistical advise, strategic input and support for the design, analyses and reporting of clinical trials and non-interventional studies for drug development.     

Gbenga has worked on wide range of projects in clinical drug development in different therapy areas (including oncology, immunology, pain and infectious diseases) with a number of large pharmaceutical companies. Some of his most recent projects include provision of consultative advice and statistical support to the analysis and interpretation of results from a large-scale European registry study that compared the effectiveness of different immunosuppressant medications used following liver transplantation, provision of expert analytical support for the design, development and execution of a Phase IIIB clinical trial study conducted to compare the efficacy of a new treatment regimen to a standard regimen in the treatment of Clostridium Difficile infection, which is a leading cause of infectious diarrhea in industrialized countries.    

Prior to attending University of Oxford, Gbenga completed his first degree (BSc.) in Mathematical Statistics at University of Lagos and a Master’s degree (MPhil) in Statistical Science at the University of Cambridge. Whilst at Oxford, his research work focused on the development and applications of statistical methods for genetic association studies. These are studies that aim to identify common genetic variations in human genome that predispose to the development of common diseases. His DPhil was jointly supervised by Sir David Cox (Statistics) and Prof. Martin Farrall (Cardiovascular Medicine).  

Following the completion of his studies at Oxford in 2005, he worked briefly as a Research Associate at the University of Birmingham (Department of Public Health and Epidemiology) before moving into the pharmaceutical industry in 2006 when he joined GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) where he worked as a Senior Statistical Scientist and later as Principal Statistical Scientist until 2010.    

Gbenga Kazeem

Pia Wojtinnek, Senior Strategist, GSA Capital

Pia came to Oxford in 2007 for an MSt in General Linguistics and a DPhil in Computer Science after reading for undergraduates in Medieval German Language and Literature as well as Mathematics and Computer Science in Bonn and Cologne, Germany. For her DPhil, she worked in the field of Computational Linguistics, using automatically generated large-scale semantic networks for knowledge acquisition.

After leaving Oxford, she joined the London based hedge fund GSA Capital, where she now works as a Senior Strategist building quantitative equity trading models."

Pia Wojtinnek