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Careers Event 7th June 2019: Non-academic panel

01 Jan 70
Mariano Beguerisse, Spotify

Mariano Beguerisse is a senior research scientist at Spotify, where he works on projects ranging from recommendation systems to audio analysis; previously he has been a research fellow at Imperial College and the University of Oxford. His research iterests include mathematical modelling, networks, data science and data modelling, and applications in industry, biology, socia science and public health.

Eleanor Law, Office for National Statistics

I studied biochemistry as an undergraduate at Oxford, then carried out my DPhil in Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science with Charlotte Deane in the Department of Statistics. Since completing my DPhil, I have been working as a statistical methodologist at the Office for National Statistics. During this time I have primarily worked on sample design and estimation for social surveys, but I have also collaborated with the Data Science Campus, located in Newport.

Gordon Sanghera, CEO and co-founder of Oxford Nanopore

Gordon Sanghera was co-founder of Oxford Nanopore, together with Hagan Bayley and IP Group. He was appointed CEO in June 2005. He brings over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and global launch of disruptive platform sensor technologies.

Dr Sanghera’s PhD in bioelectronics sensing was followed by a career at MediSense an Oxford spin-out that delivered a new generation glucose technology to the market.  Following the acquisition of MediSense by Abbott Laboratories  Dr Sanghera held both UK and US VP and Director-level positions, including VP World Wide Marketing, Research Director and Manufacturing Process Development Director. Before its acquisition by Abbott, Gordon led the R&D of Medisense Inc. where he was instrumental in the launch of several generations of blood glucose bio-electronic systems for the consumer and hospital medical markets. He has also developed and validated production processes to meet with the regulatory requirements for USA and Europe.

Gordon has a PhD in bio-electronic technology and a degree in Chemistry.

Elizabeth Traiger, Senior Researcher, Power & Renewables DK & GB

Dr. Elizabeth Traiger has been working in the renewables industry for 10 years starting her career in consulting and transitioning into research. She currently is a Senior Researcher in Technology and Innovation for power and renewables at DNV GL based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Elizabeth studied mathematics at the University of Kansas, USA and earned her masters and doctorate degrees in statistics at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Her consulting portfolio includes projects on wind and solar project development, operational assessments, due diligence and grid integration projects throughout Europe, North America and South America. Dr Traiger’s current research concerns advanced time-series statistics, drone captured computer vision for image processing, machine learning and predictive analytics on large data sets within the energy domain. She works to integrate the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics into renewable energy project operations and maintenance.