Course material


Course material for 2017/2018

Part A

Part B

  • SB1a Applied Statistics - Dr Laws
    SB1a Applied Statistics - Dr Rogers
  • SB1b Computational Statistics - Professor Caron
  • SB1b Computational Statistics - Professor Nicholls
  • SB1 Practicals letter 2017/2018 [PDF]
  • Declaration of Authorship [PDF]
  • Link to University guidance on plagiarism

  • SB2a Foundations of Statistical Inference - available via WebLearn
  • SB2b Statistical Machine Learning
  • SB3a Applied Probability
  • SB3b Statistical Lifetime Models
  • SB4a Actuarial Science I
  • SB4b Actuarial Science II
  • Actuarial Exemptions notice [PDF]
  • Actuarial Exemptions form [PDF]

Part C

  • SC1 Stochastic Models in Mathematical Genetics
  • SC2 Probability and Statistics for Network Analysis - available via WebLearn
  • SC4 Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning
  • SC5 Advanced Simulation Methods
  • SC6 Graphical Models
  • SC7 Bayes Methods
  • Part C project information

  • Link to course material from the Mathematical Institute
  • Link to specimen examination solutions - via WebLearn
  • Link to Mathematics specimen examination solutions