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Consultancy Services

Oxford University Statistical Consulting offers a wide range of data-based consultancy services to both internal departments and industry. Please see below to find out more details about the services most relevant to your needs.

For Business

Oxford University Statistical Consulting works alongside Oxford Innovation to provide businesses access to our world leading research in statistics. Our consultancy activities are an important way for University staff to make their academic knowledge and expertise available to external organisations. We cover a large range of sectors including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, legal, environmental, education, media, public sector, retail and market research.

Our services include access to advice and guidance for your own statistical analyses, data management, data mining, machine learning, experiment/trial design, qualitative analysis, visualisation, testing, modelling, prediction and reporting.

Contact us to arrange a meeting with our Director of Statistical Consultancy to discuss your statistical needs and how you can benefit from our services.

For Oxford Researchers and DPhils

This service is currently unavailable.

Oxford Protein Informatics Consultancy

Oxford Protein Informatics Consultancy forms part of the activities carried out by the Oxford Protein Informatics Group. Our Impact Acceleration Software Services specialises in using statistical methods to probe biological molecules such as proteins, with a particular interest in antibodies.

Our software packages, databases, and other resources can help companies at all stages of the antibody development process. The software is completely open access but we offer the services of our Impact Engineer who can offer tailor-made training and support, adjust the software to meet company needs and give access to the expertise of the Oxford Protein Informatics Group.