Finding packages

It could be that none of the installed packages will do what you want. You need look at the many (over 1000!) extra packages that are available for installation.

The easiest places to look is the Additional Packages section ofthe FAQ. The FAQ can be found in two places:
1.After starting R look at Help > FAQ on R. A browser window will open; click on the “R Add-On Packages” link.
2.The R website will have the most up-to-date version of this FAQ. See for details.

The simplest way to search the list is to use the Find feature of your browser. This is started with CTRL-F which opens a free-floating box in IE or in Firefox adds a box in the bar at the bottom of the window.

If you still haven't found what you need then try the following.

Is your search sensible?
• Are you finding too many matches? Try to find a more specific keyword to search for.
• Are you finding no matches at all? Check your spelling or try a more general search.

If the list of available packages has not helped you find what you need then there are other places to go. The command RSiteSearch(“keyword”) can be used from R. For example
RSiteSearch("USA maps")
If you get too many matches then you can either modify the search using the menus on the web page or use
RSiteSearch("USAmaps", restr= "functions")
which searches only within functions to find matches. Alternatively use the search function from Help ->

and if none of that works then you can email the R-help mailing list for help. Before posting you should read the posting guide at first. You are much more likely to get a helpful answer if your question has been correctly framed. Remember:
• R is written and supported by volunteers whose time is necessarily limited.
• As with any online communication with people you don’t know be careful how you express yourself.
• If you haven’t shown that you have tried to find the answer out for yourself first you may get a “read the manual”answer or possibly no answer at all.
• Reading previous posts will help you get the tone right.

A FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions is there to help people with problems and queries they may have with an application. It is a good place to start when you need help with R.