Using TeXLive 2005


The TeXLive 2005 distribution is now available on both Windows and Linux systems.

The TeX system that we are using in Fedora Core 3 has now been discontinued. The name TeXLive 2005 is slightly misleading: the version appeared in February 2006 and we have included LaTeX updates from 'December 2005' which actually date from May 2006. This means that the version we are running is very new. We expect to continue using it for approximately a year.

The Linux and Windows distributions are very similar but not identical as different installation options were chosen. A difference from earlier distributions you may notice is that files which get generated (e.g. font and format files) are stored under a .texlive2005 subdirectory of your home directory.

Mail if there is functionality missing from the new version that was previously available. Please include as much detail possible but especially whether you are using Windows or Linux and any error messages that appear.

Using TeXLive 2005 in Linux

Linux users can access TeXLive 2005 by including
in their path.

Using TeXLive 2005 in Windows

Windows users need to include
in their path. This can be done by entering
in a command prompt window.


Winshell users will need to do the following configuration in order to use this version of TeXLive.

  • Start Winshell and open a LaTeX document.
  • Find the menu Options > Program Calls
    A window should appear with tabs labelled LaTeX,BibTeX, DVIWin, DVI PS ... Now configure WinShell to find the correct version of each of these commands
  • For each of these tabs (but not Ghost View and User defined) you need to click on the browse button and find
    Public on '\Statsdfs\Stats'(N:)
    then browse to
    TeXLive2005 > bin > win32
    and select the appropriate command, and click on Open. So for
    latex select latex.exe
    BibTeX select bibtex.exe
    DVIWin select windvi.exe
    DVI PS select dvips.exe


WinEdt users will need to make a configuration change to use this version of TeXLive.

  • Start WinEdt
  • Click on Options
  • Click on Configuration Wizard...
  • Click on the Diagnosis tab
  • Click on the box labelled Execution Modes
  • Click on the PATH tab
  • Add N:\TeXLive2005\bin\win32 after %B; in the Extra PATH folders box
  • Click on OK and exit the Configuration Wizard

    A further change is necessary for where Full Adobe Acrobat has been been installed. This causes Acrobat to take ownership of PostScript files. After changing the entry on the PATH tab

    • Click on the Ghostscript tab
    • Replace C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\AcroDist.exe by C:\Ghostgum\gsview\gsview32.exe
    • Click on OK and exit the Configuration Wizard

    TeXLive 2005 on private laptops

    A copy of the TeXLive 2005 installation CD is available to borrow. This does not include the 'December 2005' updates.