Undergraduate Matlab Server

What is it and who is it for?

The Matlab server (maple.stats.ox.ac.uk) is a Windows Terminal Server allowing limited logins via Microsoft's "Remote Desktop" software. It is a high-powered, quad-core, Dell server with 8GB RAM. The server and associated software was jointly procured by the Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics for the purpose of teaching undergraduate Mathematicians and Statisticians the use of Matlab for their first year Matlab projects. Outside of the critical period for the Matlab projects the server can be booked for use for other teaching duties. Please contact Department of Statistics ithelp for details.

User authentication

Please note that only users registered to access the server will be able to do so. Once registered, your user account on the Matlab Server is linked to the Oxford SSO (Single Sign On) and associated Herald accounts. So once you have been registered to use the Matlab server you will use the same username and password you use to access your Nexus mail. See here for more information about the Oxford SSO here.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your OUCS username and password, you will need to contact the OUCS helpdesk to get your password renewed. The IT Support Teams from Mathematics and Statistics will be unable to help you.

What happens if I have a problems with the Matlab Server

Please contact the IT Support Team at the Department of Statistics and we will be pleased to help you. In addition, if you are using the Department of Statistics Computing Laboratory facilities in 1 South Parks Road and 2 South Parks Road, and you experience problems, please contact us.

Submitting Matlab Projects

Your Matlab project, once completed should be submitted to the Department of Mathematics for assessment. Problems accessing the Matlab Submission system should be referred to the Department of Mathematics IT Support Team.

How do I use the Matlab Server from a Statistics Computer?

If you are in one of the Department of Statistics Computing Laboratories and sat in front of one of our computers (lab01, lab02, ... , lab20 in 1 South Parks Road; lab21, lab22, ... , lab30 in 2 South Parks Road), then you can access the Matlab Server by doing the following:

  • Log in as the user "matlab". Use the password "matlab".
  • This will spring up a Remote Desktop connection to maple.stats.ox.ac.uk. Log into this using your Oxford username and password and set the "Log on to" field to "OX.AC.UK (Kerberos Realm)".

This will log you into the Matlab Server.

Please Note: If you leave yourself logged in for more than 2 hours without doing anything, then the Terminal Server will log you off. Please do not leave yourself logged in unnecessarily.

If you are unable to log in, it is possible that your account has not been registered on the Server. Please contact the Department of Statistics IT Support Team for assistance.

When you have finished using the Matlab Server, please log out (using "Start -> Log Off"). The Remote Desktop connection will terminate and you will be logged off the Laboratory Computer.


If you are using a USB pendisk to  back up your data, then it will work the following way, for most models of pendisk.

When logged into the Statistics Lab computers, simply plug the pendisk into an available USB port. The remote Desktop connection will transparently make your pendisk accessible to you on the Maple Server as an additional disk drive called, for example, 'E on LAB01'.

Home Directory

There is a small quantity of personal file space on the Matlab Server for your use. It can be found by opening "Start -> My Computer" and going to the "Users" drive D:\Homes\username. This storage is backed up on the OUCS HFS backup service every night, but the folders will be wiped out once your account is no longer active. This file space is not available from other machines so you may wish to copy your worksheets to a USB key (see above).

Access to the Matlab Server from College

If you find yourself with a College facility that does not support Matlab you can access the Matlab Server from your location. Any Windows computer with Remote Desktop or any Linux computer with Rdesktop can connect to maple.stats.ox.ac.uk so long as they are on the University networks. If you have any problems with this facility, please come and speak to us.