Markov Quota

For users still using the file server Markov, your disk usage can be seen with

quota -v
du -h * | sort -h

The first command will detail your disk quota usage. An explanation of the terms used by quota are

  • SOFT LIMIT: When your usage exceeds the soft limit, a timer is started known as the grace period. You can go over your soft limit, but only up to the HARD LIMIT. If you exceed your soft limit for longer than your GRACE PERIOD, then the GRACE PERIOD becomes EXPIRED and you are prevented from using any more disk space until you reduce your usage below the soft limit.
  • HARD LIMIT: You cannot go above your HARD LIMIT, and if you try, the system will prevent you from using any more disk space.
  • GRACE PERIOD: Period within which you are allowed over SOFT LIMIT without the system preventing you from logging in.

The second command changes your current directory to the top of your home directory space.

The third command will list the size of all directories and sort them with the largest at the end.