What to do if you get a quota warning message?

The amount of disk space available to you for your home directory (or Windows P: drive) and your Windows profile is finite and needs to be carefully managed by you. The links below (click on the yellow headings) will give you more information about how to monitor and manage these resources.

Home Directory or P:\ Drive Disk Space Allocation

Each user is given their own area for their files and folders. For Windows users this is the P: drive and for Linux users the home directory. This space is for your academic work. As you fill your home directory up, you may receive an email warning asking you to reduce your disk usage, although if you fill it up very quickly, there maybe no space left to deliver the warning message itself. If you do not reduce your usage you may be unable to log on and/or send and receive email, so it is very important to look after your disk space carefully.

Windows Profile

If you exceed your quota here you will not be able to log out of your Windows desktop computer. It is *not* possible to increase your Windows roaming profile space.

Nexus email quota

Use the Nexus account settings page (link above) to show email usage and quota.

Click on 'Set, update or view Nexus mailbox settings' and then 'Show email usage and quota' to see the size of each folder in your Nexus mailbox.