Wireless Services - Help & Support

Support for OWL is a tricky issue. So, if you have difficulty connecting, please follow the guidelines below and do a little investigation yourself before asking for help. It will save time for you, for us and possibly for OUCS also.

  • Are you trying to connect to OWL-VPN or OWL-VISITOR? Remember, if you do not have a Departmental/College account, then you will have to connect to OWL-VISITOR. Otherwise, you must use OWL-VPN.
  • If you are trying to connect to OWL-VISITOR, have you been issued with an account? If not (or if it has expired - remember they are valid for a maximum of two weeks), please contact your local IT Support Officer. We can issue new accounts. Any IT Officer in the University is permitted to perform this function.
  • If you are trying to connect to OWL-VPN, have you been issued with a Departmental account? Remember, OWL-VPN is a "closed private network", meaning you can only access other services after logging onto a permitted VPN. If you are having problems connecting to the Statistics VPN, and you have access to an alternative VPN service, then try connecting to that one. A problem connecting to multiple VPNs may indicate a problem at OUCS control which the local IT Officers cannot help with. In this instance, it may be more use to raise a help request with OUCS advisory. If you can connect to an alternative VPN, then it may be that you have not requested permission to access the Statistics VPN. Email ithelp@stats.ox.ac.uk and ask to be added to the list of users who have the right to use our Departmental VPN.
  • If the previous condition still holds true, there may be a problem with the wireless connection to your machine. If it is a Departmental computer, the local IT Officers may be able to help. We are neither obliged, nor encouraged to help, however if your computer equipment is privately owned. You may need to contact your supplier in this instance.
  • Are you unable to connect to the OWL service at all? This may be a signal strength issue. Try getting closer to a WAP; locations are provided in this document. If you are still unable to connect, then attempt to connect to the OWL service you require by trying another WAP. There may be a problem with the WAP. If you can connect via another beacon, then it is possibly a problem with your local beacon. Contact your local IT support officers for help.
  • If you cannot connect to any wireless network then it is most likely a fault with your computer's wireless network card and may need repair or new drivers. If the computer is Departmentally-owned, then please bring it to the IT Officers who will be happy to help. If your machine is privately owned, then, once again we have no obligation to help you. We may offer assistance if we are not busy with Departmental work, but you should not expect it.
  • It should go without saying that if your equipment has no wireless network card, then you will not be able to use the wireless services.