Eduroam is an exciting new Wireless service provided by OUCS to facilitate worldwide roaming between educational institutions. Any visitor, who has used Eduroam in any other site in the world should be able to connect to the Oxford Eduroam with credentials they have used elsewhere. Likewise, anyone from Oxford seeing an Eduroam wireless network anywhere in the world should be able to connect using the OUCS Remote Services account and password.

The worldwide availability of Eduroam can be seen here

This account is separate from your OUCS account, and is the one used when connecting to the OUCS Dialin or VPN service (not our own Statistics VPN). To connect to Eduroam you must authenticate using this account. If you do not have one go to:

OUCS Remote Access Services

and register.

For eduroam configuration and other information, please see OUCS Eduroam web pages

When using Eduroam abroad, it is necessary to authenticate using your full remote access name. If, for instance your account is called moose123, then you should use as the username. It is also safe to use this form within Oxford.

Once connected vi Eduroam, you have full internet access. However, to access the University or Department facilities, you still need to use a VPN. The Stats VPN is available when connected to Eduroam.

What benefits does eduroam have over OWL?

  • Eduroam is available in many places worldwide.
  • Eduroam is faster than OWL - the hardware running it is much newer.
  • Eduroam is more secure than OWL - everything is encrypted, from the initial authentication onwards.
  • Eduroam is more stable than OWL - because all the connections between access points are conducted at the lowest level of the networking stack, higher level connections like VPN do not notice when your computer "roams" to another access point. Consequently, VPN connections are more stable andless prone to "dropouts".

Welcome to Eduroam.