Wireless Services

Introduction to OWL Services.

OWL, or Oxford Wireless LAN is a University flagship project aiming to provide wireless connectivity to the University networks from, potentially any University building. It is a service run by OUCS, with infrastructure in Departments and Colleges provided by "on-the-ground" local IT Support Staff.

OWL delivers two services, OWL-VISITOR and OWL-VPN. These are unsecured services, so anyone with a wireless card can connect to them. However, they are both implemented on what are referred to as "closed RFC1918 private subnetworks", meaning that access through a NAT router is required before one can reach any outside services. This NAT is provided and controlled by OUCS.

Which Service should I use?

  • OWL-VPN: for members of the department.
  • OWL-VISITOR: for short term visitors.
  • OWL: for members of the department and short term visitors.
  • Eduroam: For anyone who has the relevant level of access. This is a worldwide service.

Wireless General Information

The links below comprise a list of OUCS documentation on OWL.

The links below contain local implementation information and policy on expanding Wireless reach. There is an FAQ at the end of this list. If you wish to submit information to the FAQ, please email your information to ithelp@stats.ox.ac.uk