Viewing Extra Mailboxes in Outlook

Many Statistics users on the Exchange server use Outlook to view additional mailboxes, often an archive mailbox. If you wish to set this up on another machine or to check existing settings simply follow these instructions.

 Open Outlook and go to Tools -> Email Accounts...


A new window will open. Make sure that 'View or change existing email accounts' is selected and click Next.


On  the next window click 'Change...'


And on the next window click 'More settings...'



On the next window click on the 'Advanced' tab and the 'Add...' button


 The next (final) window will appear. Here, enter the username of the extra mailbox you are trying to view. Click OK.


 Now click OK, Next and Finish until all the windows have closed. Your additional mailbox will now be visible in Outlook whenever you log on to this machine.