Sharing calendars

We may occasionally wish to share the contents of a calendar with another Outlook user; either permanently with a PA or for a short period if we are out of the office attending meetings.

To set this up, switch to the Calendar view in Outlook and click on the blue 'Share My Calendar...' link.


When the new window opens, click on the 'Permissions' tab, then the 'Add..' button to choose the name of the person who will have access. 


Next, select the level of access they will have. Do you want them to see items? Create items? Edit items? Delete items? This is the place to specify your exact requirements. Click 'OK'.


Once you have set this up, the person viewing your calendar should click on the blue 'Open a Shared Calendar' link in their own Outlook Calendar view, enter your name and click OK. 


Your calendar will now be visible alongside their own. You can undo the process to remove their access at any time.