Recalling a Sent Message

If a message has been:

a) Sent to a recipient actively using Outlook on the same Exchange server


b) Has not been read

It is possible to recall that message if, for example, it contains erroneous information or refers to a situation which has since passed.

This is a simple process. If you browse to the message in your Sent Items and open it you can select 'Other Actions' from the Actions menu and then choose 'Recall This Message...'. 


A window will appear clarifying your options. As long as the message has not been read you can choose either to recall the message or to replace it with something new. This second option can be useful if, for example, you forgot to add an attachment the first time round.

If you leave the check box ticked you'll receive an email giving you a success report on the attempt for each recipient.


The recipient will be informed that you recalled the message but will be unable to read the contents.

It should be noted that due to the very precise conditions under which this will be successful it should not be relied upon. Always take the time to check each message carefully before sending.