Outlook Signatures

Adding a signature to your messages, or different signatures for different messages.

Adding a signature to the bottom of each message giving your name, job title, phone contact details etc can save you time and give a professional look to your mail.

To set this up got to Tools -> Options , choose the Mail Format Tab and click on 'Signatures...'

When the window opens click on 'New...' and give your Signature an appropriate name -> 'Next'


Add some appropriate text to the signature. You can choose to set a font, colour or to add formatting to your signature but be aware that recipients who are not using Outlook may not be able to see this.

When you are happy with the content and are sure that there are no typos or errors, click 'Finish'.


To use this signature we now need to choose the name from the 'Signature for new messages' drop-down list:


Whilst informative, a long signature can clutter up an extended correspondence. It can be useful to use a shorter form for messages that are replies or forwards as we can usually assume that, in these situations, our correspondent is already familiar with our contact information.

To create a shorter signature click 'New...' again.

This time we can use our existing signature and simply copy and modify it to this situation. To do so, name your new signature appropriately and then click 'Use this existing signature as a template' and select your longer signature. Click 'Next'.


Modify the text and click 'Finish'.


We can now start using this second signature by selecting it from the drop-down list next to 'Signature for replies and forwards'.