Extra Junk Mail Filtering

Even after we have improved the Junk Mail settings in Outlook we can still find that some unwanted email remains in the Inbox.

Fortunately there is an extra filter than we can apply. When our mail enters the Oxford University network a tag is added which indicates how likely it is that the message is spam. We can create a rule that uses this extra information to send more mail to the Junk Mail folder.

To do so open Outlook and go to Tools -> Rules and Alerts  



On the next window that opens just ignore all the options and click Next



Then check the box that reads "with specific words in the message header"



When the next window opens enter "X-Oxmail-Spam-Level: ***" and click 'Add' then 'OK'


By clicking on the blue underlined 'specified' we can brose tot he Junk Mail folder and click 'OK' to confirm our new rule.


Once this rule has been set you should check your Junk Mail folder regularly to make sure that filtering appropriately. The rule can be tweaked by adding or removing asterisks from the "X-Oxmail-Spam-Level: ***" line - more asterisks will lower the sensitivity and fewer will heighten it.