Delayed Sending with Microsoft Outlook 2003

Ever clicked the send button and then realised just a fraction too late that your email shouldn't have been sent?  If you're always noticing that all-important typo just as it is too late to make a difference you may find it useful to set up a 60-second sending delay on your messages.

To do so open Microsoft Outlook and click Tools > Rules and Alerts...


When the Rules and Alerts window opens, select 'New Rule'


Yet another window will open. From here select 'Start from a blank rule' and highlight 'Check messages after sending'. Click 'Next'.


On the next screen it is possible to filter the messages to which this rule is applied. If, for example, you want to delay messages only to certain people you should make an appropriate selection here. 

To set up delayed sending for all messages simply click 'Next'.


A warning will appear. Click 'Yes'.


On the next screen check the box marked 'defer delivery by a number of minutes'. The text 'Apply this rule after I sent the message defer delivery by a number of minutes' will appear in the lower pane of the window.


Click on 'a number of'. A new window will open. Set a suitable deferral period such as 1 minute. The range here is between 1 and 120 minutes. Click 'OK'.


The next screen gives a range of possible exceptions. If you think you may wish to override this rule from time to time I suggest adding an exception for messages marked with High Importance. Otherwise, simply click 'Next'.


On the next screen specify a suitable name for the rule; here I have chosen 'Delay Sending'. Click 'Finish'.


You will be returned to the Rules and Alerts window which contains a summary of the rule you have just created. Click 'Apply' and then 'OK' to implement the new rule.


Now, if a mail message is sent it will go into the Outbox for 60 seconds before being sent to the recipient. During this time you can click on Outbox and edit the message or delete it entirely as seems most appropriate. Once the message has been edited remember to click 'Send' again.