Changing Reply To address

There are situations where it might be useful to change the 'Reply To' address of a message. If we are sending a message on behalf of someone else we may wish them to receive the responses. Alternatively, someone else may be collating message responses for us. It might be useful for the responses to reach a number of people or even a mailing list.

If you create a new message and then click on the little arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the 'Tracking' options box a new window will open.

Change Reply Address

On this window you can tick the box next to ‘Have replies sent to:’ and add an address of your choosing. Finally, click ‘Close’. Now, if a recipient replies to the message it will be received by the alternate contact. You can even specify more than one recipient by adding more than one address as long as you separate them with a semi-colon and space e.g.;

It should be noted that replies will be received ONLY by the recipients specified in the box so if you wish to see them yourself you will have to include your own address.