Automatically Add Contacts

One thing that people usually miss when they move from Outlook Express to Outlook is the ability to automatically add contacts. Although adding a contact requires a little more effort in Outlook the effect is generally to produce a leaner, more accurate list of address book.

The quickest way to add an individual as a contact is to open an email they have send to you. Then either hover your mouse over the email address or right-click on it to produce a list of options.  


 As you can see, this provides a short-cut to a range of Outlook actions, one of which is 'Add to Outlook Contacts...'


 Clicking this will open a Contact window containing the available data on the individual you have selected. At this stage we can make any edits that will be helpful to us; in this example we might find it useful to specify that this is the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University or to format the name entry as 'Vice Chancellor' rather than 'Chancellor, Vice'.


Simply click 'Save and Close' and the new entry will be added to your Contacts.