Outlook Hints and Tips

This page contains links to each of the 'Outlook Hints and Tips' webpages created for the Department of Statistics' Outlook Hints and Tips mailing list. It is updated weekly during term time to include new content.

Hilary Term 2010

Week One: Recalling a Sent Message

Week Two: Previewing Attachments

Week Three: Extra Junk Mail Filtering

Week Four: Calendar Sharing

Week Five: Viewing Shared Items Online

Week Six: Quick Keyboard Shortcuts

Week Seven: Turning emails into meetings and more

Michaelmas Term 2009

Week One: Changing Reply-To Address

Week Two: Oxford Term Dates

Week Three: Saving messages as text

Week Four: Spellcheck before sending

Week Six: Customise Desktop Alerts

Week Seven: Resending Sent Items

Week Eight: Re-ordering Folders

Trinity Term 2009

Week One: Auto-complete 

Week Two: Automatically add Contacts 

Week Three: Voting Buttons

Week Four: Automatically add holidays

Week Six: Deferred email sending

Week Seven: Redirect email replies

Week Eight: Sharing Calendars

Hilary Term 2009

Week One: Removing attachments from emails

Week Two: Using signatures. Different signatures for different messages.

Week Four: Using Rules on Folders

Week Five: Using Search Folders

Week Six: All about Archive Accounts

Week Seven: Using Search Folders to Archive Mail by Date

Week Eight: Expiring Messages

Michaelmas Term 2008

Week One: Delayed Sending

Week Two: Message Counts

Week Three: Email Templates

Week Four: Improving Junk Mail Filtering

Week Five: Email Reminders

Week Six: Out of Office Assistant

Extra: How can I open additional mailboxes e.g. my archive account