Configuring thunderbird for Linux

This page explains how to configure thunderbird to read your Department of Statistics email. These instructions are for Statistics email, only. If you are using the University's Nexus email system, see 'Accessing Nexus via your email program' for instructions on how to configure various email clients.

1. Start thunderbird. A series of configuration windows will appear.

Initial set-up screen 

2. Enter your username and email address by making these changes:
 - Your name: eg Joan Smith
 - Email address:
NB this should be your username followed by
 - Password: your password [won't echo]
 - Uncheck the 'Remember password' box
The window should now look like this:

Enter username and password

  3. Click on Continue.

4. Now configure the server settings. A window like this should appear:

Server settings - initial, failed

These are the default settings which need to be changed as follows:
- Incoming:
- 110: 993
- None: SSL/TLS
- Outgoing:
- 25: 465
- None: SSL/TLS
Once these settings have been entered click on Re-test Configuration. The window should change to look like this:

server settings - success

5. Click on Create Account. Your account should be created and the thunderbird start-up window should now appear. Before using thunderbird some final changes need to be made.

6. To make the final changes go to the Edit -> Account Settings... menu:

Account settings - annotated


7. When the Account Settings window is open select Synchronisation & Storage. The following change should be made:

- Uncheck Keep messages for this account on this computer

The window should look like this:

Syncrhonisation and storage

This will prevent additional copies of your mail folders being saved in you home file space.

8. Finally configure Return receipts by making these changes:
- Check Never send a return receipt

so that the window looks like this:

Return receipts

This will prevent return receipts being sent. This is a necessary defence against phishing emails.

9. Now close thunderbird and restart it. Because we have separate servers for outgoing and incoming mail the first time you send a message you will be asked to enter your password.