Contacting IT Help

Please email for all requests for help and advice on computing matters.

How to help us

Please make sure you include the following information when you submit a request for help:

Your username:

this is the name you use when you log in.

Your location:

include both your room number and building.

The name of the computer:

this should be found on a label on the front or side of the computer.

The operating system:

ie Windows, Mac OS or Linux, and include the version if possible.

A brief description of the problem:

include any error messages you see.

How Request Tracker works

Request Tracker is system for managing help requests. All messages sent to receive an automatically generated reply acknowledging the message. The reply will include a "Ticket number" in the Subject field. This is a unique number which will be used for all subsequent messages related to the initial request for help; it allows us better to keep track of outstanding queries and ensures that each request is owned by one of us.