Advanced Exceed

Configuring Exceed  through SSH

Pick up and install a good SSH. Putty will do, or you could use the F-Secure one (these instructions are based on F-secure, but putty should be suitably similar). You can get the F-secure exe from:

(Note: This link is Statistics intranet only - it may not be the latest version). Once installed, perform the following actions.

  • Open the SSH client.
  • Choose Profiles -> Edit profiles
  • Ensure the "Quick connect" option is highlighted on the left hand side.
  • Choose the "Tunnelling" tab.
  • Check the Tunnel X11 connection box.
  • OK

Connect to your chosen system as your user account name and password.

Now set up your local Xclient.

  • Start -> Hummingbird -> Exceed -> Exceed
  • You should get a hazy grey background. This sets up the "canvas" upon which X11 requests will be rendered.

  • Right-click on the little exceed box on the control panel and choose -> Tools -> Configuration...
  • You may have this password protected. If so, type in the password. If we've set up exceed, then we'll have to do this bit as it's one of our passwords.
  • Choose "Display" or "Screen definition" (it sometimes displays under different names).
  • On the top there are a pair of radio-boxes - use all monitors or choose monitors to use. If you have a dual-screen setup, this is how you get exceed to display on one screen with windows on the other. With your setup, you ought to have just the one screen, choose this.
  • Window mode should be "Single".
  • Hit the big green tick at the top and close down the configuration window.

Finally, the magic. In your ssh client command line window, type the command...