Remote Desktop Gateway

Who the service is for

Academics and other members of staff who have a departmental Windows desktop.

What the service is for

The Remote Desktop Gateway allows you to connect to your departmental Windows desktop from outside the Department. You can use an up-to-date Remote Desktop Client to login to your desktop and operate as if you were sitting at your desk, including access to your P:\ drive and other services only accessible from inside the Department's network.

Reasons for the service

Due to our departmental firewall users are not allowed to connect remotely to their Windows desktops. The Remote Desktop Gateway allows this by creating a secure connection (using SSL) which tunnels through the firewall controlling access to the desktops.


You must have access to an up-to-date Remote Desktop Client application to be able to connect through the Gateway. So far we have only found two clients which allow gateway connections: the Remote Desktop Connection application installed by default on Windows XP and later, and the iTap mobile RDP for Macs and Linux systems. The first comes free with Windows, the latter has to be bought separately (it is available in the App Store).

To connect through the Remote Desktop Gateway, we have to configure it to allow you to log through, and then to allow you to log in remotely to your desktop. This means we will need to know your departmental username (not your password; NEVER send you password to anyone, even us) and the hostname of your desktop before you can access the service. Your Windows desktop will need to be rebooted before you can try the service.

It is advisable to have a broadband Internet connection where you are, as the Remote Desktop protocol requires more bandwidth than a text-based one (like SSH) to have a satisfactory experience.

Using the service with Remote Desktop Connection

  • Open Remote Desktop Connection (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection in Windows XP and 7) 
  • Type in the hostname of the TARGET machine, i.e.
  • Click on Options >>
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Click on Settings...
  • Select "Use these TS Gateway server settings:"
  • Server name:
  • Logon method: Allow me to select later
  • OK
  • Connect
  • Type in your departmental credentials to log in to the RD Gateway, i.e. STATS\username
  • OK
  • Log in to the TARGET system using your departmental credentials again
  • Once finished, remember to log out unless you want the session on the TARGET system to persist; if so just disconnect (Start > Disconnect)

Using the service with iTap mobile RDP

  • Start iTap mobile RDP
  • Click on Preferences
  • Click on the add button (bottom left) of the Gateway preferences
  • Type in a meaningful label for these preferences, i.e. Oxford Statistics
  • Hostname:
  • Domain: STATS
  • Quit the Preferences window
  • Click on New
  • Type in a meaningful label for this connection, i.e. Statistics Desktop
  • Type in the host name of the TARGET machine, i.e.
  • Domain: STATS
  • Select the gateway preferences you created above, i.e. Oxford Statistics
  • Quit the new host window
  • Double-click on the host entry you have just created, i.e. Statistics Desktop
  • Type in your departmental username and password when prompted, i.e. STATS\username