Green Computing

The Department of Statistics IT Team have been working hard to support the University's commitment to sustainability. We have introduced a number of 'green computing' initiatives in an attempt to cut waste and use our resources as efficiently as possible.

Reducing energy use

The Wake-On-LAN system allows users to turn off desktop computer when not in use. We suggest that printers, monitors and other peripherals are switched off.

We have set our server room air-conditioning units to a temperature that minimises energy use without compromising the longevity of the hardware.        

Reducing consumption of resources

We are reusing existing equipment for new services. For example, the new WOL gateway is running on an unused desktop computer.

We are committed to maintaining an excellent specification on existing computers to ensure they can remain in use for as long as possible. 

We purchase all desktop machines with three year warranty and will make repairs beyond this period whenever possible.

We encourage users to limit their use of printing to only that which is necessary and to print duplex (double-sided) whenever possible.


We encourage the recycling of office paper and the use of recycled paper products.

We recycle all cardboard packaging

We recycle used toner cartridges

We recover and re-use functioning components from machines which have failed.

A case study describing our implementation of wake-on-LAN (as presented at the ICTFC10 conference) is available here.