External Advisory Panel


The External Advisory Panel (EAP) offers advice to the Department from an external perspective.


The Department is grateful to the members of the EAP, for their time and the contribution they make to the work of the Department. Members serve on the EAP in a personal capacity.

Remit of the External Advisory Panel

Terms of Reference

To contribute views and offer advice from employers, external academics or other external perspectives on teaching, learning and assessment strategy, course development, research training, and broader strategic development including research profile and relationships with prospective employers.


Statisticians in government and industry and those working with statisticians, external academic statisticians, including, if possible, an overseas member. Each member’s period of office will be reviewed after 5 years of service.


The meetings are held approximately annually and are informed by departmental reports, presentations and discussions. The agenda is set jointly by the Chair and the Head of Department. There will be meetings with students and staff.


The External Advisory Panel will submit a report of their findings from the meeting to the Department. This will be considered by the various relevant internal committees, and a response made to the Panel.