Oxford Protein Informatics Consultancy

Oxford Protein Informatics Consultancy forms part of the activities carried out by the Oxford Protein Informatics Group. More specifically, an Impact Acceleration Software Engineer (ISE) post has been created thanks to EPSRC funding in order to facilitate adoption of academic software in industry. Specifically, the data curation and prediction resource for antibody engineering: Structural Antibody Database (SAbDab) and Structural Antibody Prediction (SAbPred), known collectively as SAbDab/SAbPred. The SAbDab resource collects the antibody structural data from the Protein Data Bank and annotates them with antibody-specific information. As such it is the most reliable structural antibody resource currently. The SAbPred platform integrates prediction tools helping in; most notably the rapid antibody modeling tool ABodyBuilder (Leem et al.). The primary task of ISE is to provide support for these tools within companies currently using the software and also the installation of these tools within companies that might wish to use this service.

The SAbDab/SAbPred platform has currently been adopted by a number of large companies and the basic setup is the same in each company, however because of the flexibility of the consultancy the companies are free to request custom features to be added to the platform.